Washington Wizards: 33-1

Nobody will be more happy to find that the preseason end compared to the Washington Wizards; if it had gone on any longer, they’d have run out of bodies entirely.
With Martell Webster on the shelf following his third back operation in four seasons, the harms just kept coming.
Bradley Beal fractured his wrist, Glen Rice Jr. rolled his ankle, Kris Humphries ripped open his arm on the rim (because when are those things sharp?) , requiring surgery to mend the gash. John Wall was limited with knee tendinitis.
Somehow, the Wizards’ oldest player was able to live the exhibition record unscathed. Paul Pierce, place to start at small forward for the Wiz, offered some veteran outlook on the parade into the trainer’s table, per Jorge Castillo of The Washington Post:”It has been tough. It has been hard. We haven’t had a full squad the majority of the preseason. The key is understanding it’s a very long season. The key is to get healthy.”
If the collective swelling recedes and the stitches hold, Washington can still make great on the lofty expectations it set last season. Forty-four wins got people thinking in D.C., and now the Wizards face a world where anything less than a top-four seed will constitute a disappointment.
Demands like that are as sterile as they’re daunting, especially for a franchise with little success in its recent past. In 33-1, the Wiz aren’t totally out of the tournament picture, but they are still a notch beneath the East’s elite.

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