UFC 232 Betting Trends, Odds Updates & Sportsbook Projections: Where Is The Early Money Going?

UFC 232 is making information for all of the wrong reasons, as headliner Jon Jones has once again forced the organization to make tough decisions so as to save an occasion.
By now, it’s been widely reported that the 31 year-old light heavyweights once more tested positive for a banned substance, and UFC President, Dana White, made the unprecedented call to relocate the entire event from Las Vegas to Las Angeles seven days prior to the fight.
“Listen, it is not a simple choice to make,” stated White in Friday’s event press conference. “You’ve got to pull the trigger and you have got to make moves.
“You can not make everybody happy. Not every fan, each fighter, however we gave the fans in Las Vegas the chance to get tickets and the tickets are cheaper. We had over 3,000 people buy tickets here that had tickets in Vegas. We did what we could to make it simpler. We did what we can do.”
While this last minute venue change does place event ticket holders at a difficult predicament, the enhanced media buzz might potentially help the combat’s PPV outcomes. Combat sports have depended on controversy and hype to sell tickets, and while unfortunate, this overdue audible by the UFC has definitely increased the battle’s exposure.

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